Dr. Seema Datta helps women in transition to feel good - from Menarche to Menopause

Women In Transition: Phase 1 – Menarche

It is common knowledge that The Universe is going through a transitional period. When there is transition, there are many unknown changes that can leave us with feelings of loss and discomfort. Even if we know that change is inevitable to help us grow further, there is still a fear of uncertainty.  Women go through various phases of transition in their lives in order to create new life and to rejuvenate their own lives.

The food you eat is an important part of feeling good in any transition

The food you eat is an important part of feeling good in any transition

There are 3 main phases of transition for Women’s health and bodies:

  1. Menarche i.e puberty
  2. Motherhood i.e fertility, pregnancy and post natal
  3. Menopause.

Let’s focus on Menarche as this is the first phase of transition.  When a young girl is starting to experience that feeling of growing up, her body starts preparing for its transition to womanhood.   If not supported at this very delicate time, it is common for girls to feel agitated and frustrated, hence those teenage tantrums!

It is essential for Mothers, at this time, to know what the normal signs and symptoms of menstruation are, what the abnormal symptoms can are and how they can be supportive to make their young lady comfortable.

Ayurvedic Philosophy on Menstruation

Ayurveda states that the menstrual cycle acts as the body’s  purification process, as impurities in the body are expelled in the form of blood.

Menstruation is also considered as the window in which to look in and understand the changes going on within the body every month – it is seen as a true gift!   Healthy menstruation is the pre-requisite to healthy pregnancy – the second phase of transition in womanhood.  This is the reason I say, to be aware now, at the stage of menarche…to encourage a healthy menstruation cycle to limit any issues throught the other transition phases – prevention is better than cure!

Signs and symptoms of normal menstruation-

  • Bright red in color.
  • It does not stain the clothes
  • It has no odour/foul odour
  • There is no abdominal pain

However, due to a busy, modern working environment and other factors including:

  • stress
  • junk food , irregular eating habits
  • late nights
  • holding natural urges – urination
  • having sex while bladder is full

It is essential to follow these simple guidelines during menstruation to make it a gentler and more pain free experience:

  • Have rest as much as possible
  • To have warm and easy to digest food like soups and steamed vegetables.
  • Avoid exercise…
  • Not to drink cold food or drink.
  • Gentle self massage with warm oil

On my next blog we are going to explore Phase 2 of Women’s Transition which is Motherhood and focuses on fertility, pregnancy and post-natal.

Watch My Video: Is Pain During Menstruation Normal?

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Each of the above will support your daughter in clearing any muscular congestion and improve blood circulation which will help to ease abdominal pain. And of course, diet and lifestyle for both of you will ensure that you both are in optimum health to cope with this transition.

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