Hormone pills and fertility – Healthy Ayurvedic Alternatives

Many women take oral contraception, either for birth control or for the hormonal benefits for preventing medical conditions affecting the female reproductive system. Yet hormones have a distinct effect on the body, and their side effects are not always favourable. The link between taking hormones and infertility has long been debated. Women who have menstrual pain are often prescribed birth control since this helps to reduce menstruation. Yet the same hormones have been thought to cause structural changes to the endometrium, the inner lining of the womb.

Many western doctors have rubbished the idea that taking long-term birth control reduces women’s fertility in the long term. Some claim that as soon as you go off the pill, you can conceive quite easily. But other admit that this is common but by no means guaranteed. As a professor of obstetrics and gynecology put it: ‘with a few notable exceptions, immediately after you stop using birth control, your fertility will go right back to what it was destined to be’. It is those ‘notable exceptions’ that women want to avoid. Also, to focus exclusively on fertility ignores the other possible harm hormone treatments can do to your body. So what is the alternative? There are Ayurvedic therapies that work in a complementary way with women’s reproductive wellness. In Ayurvedic tradition, internal treatments using herbal preparations that enhance fertility have been used for centuries.

There are also various external treatments that work more with aligning energies and balancing the key elemental life energies of the body, the three ‘doshas’. These elementary energies, named ‘Pitta’, ‘Kapha’ and ‘Vata’, must be balanced for good health and menstrual pain is thought to be closely linked to the ‘Vata’ dosha (which governs movement) being out of balance. The verdict might change from year to year on whether or not hormone pills reduce your fertility, but when there are Ayurvedic treatments that will ease menstrual pain and maintain reproductive health, is there any reason to take chances?

KEYAJEE clinic on London’s Harley Street

On a very hot afternoon in June, Keyajee Clinic,  on London’s Harley Street, hosted our very first open day event.

Harley Street has the greatest reputation of medical expertise of anywhere in the world and Keyajee is delighted to be part of this as the go to place for Ayurvedic treatments.  Although we are based in London and Hertfordshrire, our services have a genuine global reach.

I also regularly travel to my clients’ homes to provide advice and support in more familair surroundings if needed and to spread the word about Ayurvedic practices.

A large number of prospective clients attended the event  and many attendees also took advantage of the opportunity to have a free consultation on the day, and several treatment bookings were confirmed on the spot. Although we never pressure our clients into signing up for a treatment, many do use our open days to help make their final decision.

For many, being able to meet me in person and learn about the treatments for real is all they need to begin their own journey.  Sometimes the most important thing we can do is to take that step, to begin our journey, to just let go.

The following photos should give you a sense of what to expect at one of our events, lots of fun and learning too.

Our open days are free to attend so please contact me for more information, look forward to seeing you at the next one !


An Ayurvedic approach to fertility: a new blog series


Many couples dream about starting a family, but as many parents will tell you, the process to conception and birth are not as straight forward as you might expect. One in five UK women are childless at age 45, according to the Office for National Statistics. Additionally, the number of women receiving IVF treatment and DI treatment continues to grow. For many couples, conception seems to be just out of reach.

Problems with fertility can arise from a number of different causes and Ayurveda may be able to help pinpoint areas of improvement. For example, identifying and understanding your Ayurvedic constitution can help identify the best time for conception, and investing time and energy into balancing your constitution can help create a healthier environment for a new baby.

As Ayurvedic practitioners, we work closely with couples and take a holistic approach to conception which includes increasing fertility through lifestyle choices, diet choices and herbal supplements. Ayurveda is the “science of life” and nothing is more sacred to us than helping you start a family.

Join us on this blog in the coming months as we explore an Ayurvedic approach to fertility through examining the best ways to detox and cleanse your body, and how to prepare your reproductive system for conception with healthy lifestyle changes and recipes. If you’d prefer to talk to me on a one-to-one basis, please do get in touch or book one of our Well Woman Clinics.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you!