Are you ready to Bloom ?

I woke up this morning, feeling really happy and looked out of window … Oh, dear! It’s raining and it’s damp and cold! But as I Iooked deeply out of the window, I could see lilies and daffodils showing their first signs of flowering, reminding me that the onset of spring is nearby.

The weather is undergoing transition and changes. Winter is ending and spring is at the doorstep. I observe how the universe helps plants to grow slowly from hibernation to rejuvenation. During the winter months, most of the plants hibernate, leaves are shredded and most plant activities are happening within so they are hardly visible. Now, to rejuvenate and grow again to new heights, they need water and the warmth of the sun. Hence we get both rainy and sunny days during this change of season. As the sunlight gets warmer and warmer, it reaches and clears the blockages that the stagnation of the cold weather has left behind. So when spring comes, all the biological processes are activated again and plants start showing their leaves and flowers and blossoms open up in all directions. At last …springtime is here!

Ayurveda says, “Yatha loke,Tatha Dehe”, what we notice in nature is also happening in our bodies. So we can see that there is more Kapha/water accumulation and there are spurts of Agni/sun which gradually starts melting the extra Kapha. If Kapha is not balanced, it can then block the channels, disturb digestion, leading to blocked sinuses, cough and cold or rheumatoid arthritis, Allergies …..

How can you get your balance or keep yourself healthy in the transition of the season? You can learn what to do in our Ayurvedic Cookery workshop on 12th March. Get equipped with essential tips for your diet and lifestyle for spring. We will be making quick and easy recipes and simple home remedies for common cold and cough. Meet like-minded people, have fun while you learn and get ready to bloom this springtime!

Ayurvedic Family Nutrition – Create Balance and Wellbeing

In Ayurveda, balancing the three doshas (the elemental energies that form an individual’s physical and mental constitution) is vital. Ailments and unhappy mental states are the product of any of the doshas – pitta, kapha and vata – being in excess or lacking. While there are Ayurvedic therapies that help to bring these elemental energies into harmony, nutrition plays an important role in wellbeing. When you are struggling with poor health or emotional troubles, simple nutritional changes can bring a surprisingly vast improvement.

What you should know about Ayurvedic Family Nutrition

Ayurvedic differs from ‘western’ medicine in that each individual is taken as unique – there is no ‘one size fits all’ nutrition plan or system. Yet certain foods increase certain doshas, while others have a lessening effect. The fiery pitta dosha, for example, is the primary element of many individuals who show classic traits of this dosha, such as a quick temper and argumentative nature. Hot foods such as chilli and pepper increase the Pitta dosha, thus cooling foods are favoured for balancing this type. Once you understand the effects of food on the doshas and how to eat to bring your body and mind into balance, it is easy to work out a health-giving Ayurvedic nutrition plan.

Try Keyjaee’s Ayurvedic Diet & Nutrition Classes

By gaining a deeper understanding of Ayurvedic family nutrition, you can easily make each meal nourishing and balancing for the minds and bodies of your family. Learning the fundamentals of Ayurvedic eating is easy with Keyajee’s informal classes. The class includes refreshments, pre-prepared ingredients, the lunch you will make and a tried and trusted recipe you can make a staple in your own home. The course will teach you how to make healthy, wholesome and tasty vegetarian fare. Make Ayurvedic cooking a source of your ‘five a day’ – the fruit and vegetables that are essential for optimal health.

Contact us today to book a one-day, evening, weekend or week-long class.