Welcome to our Keyajee cookery workshops.   Here I share my knowledge of Ayurvedic cookery along with my enthusiasm and experiences to help you prepare quick, healthy, delicious and balanced meals that leave you and your loved ones feeling wonderful, full of energy, exuding confidence and feeling general happiness.

While focussing on nutrition and health we are delighted to announce that Keyajee is extending our services to children’s health as well as female, fertility and general well-being.  Our children’s cookery workshops will cover a day dedicated to children’s illnesses and how to prevent them with some simple changes to their diet and some amazing home remedies.  Look out for dates and further information on our newsletter.

Ayurvedic nutrition is supported by 5,000 years of Ayurvedic Practice & Tradition. It is known to aid better health, vigour (with more energy, endurance and strength) along with showing a gradual reduction of symptoms in existing diseases and can build a stronger immune system to help prevent colds, flu’s and other diseases.

There are limitless benefits of adapting an Ayurvedic diet and my main aim is to help you make this lifestyle change, (it is a lifestyle change and requires commitment from you) to enable you to go on to live a full and long, happy life. … by being aware of what you eat, how you cook, when and in what company you eat … these are all very important factors.

Ayurveda, India’s holistic, medical system is based upon the universal natural law of balancing the five elements (ether, air, fire, water and earth) that make up the physical body. When one or more of these elements goes out of balance because of improper diet and life style, various diseases and mental disturbances can manifest. Ayurveda explains that these five elements are kept intact in the body by three subtle forces called doshas. The key to maintaining physical and mental health is in keeping these elements and doshas in harmonic balance through proper diet, herbs and life style, otherwise early aging and various diseases can manifest. The three doshas are called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These three doshas can even be traced back to the very beginning of time. Vata is the underlying subtle force ruling over ether and air, Pitta rules fire and Kapha is responsible for keeping the water and earth elements in balance. One or more of these doshas or elements will predominate in every individual living entity creating seven possible body types. By knowing which type you are by symptoms a proper diet and herbal treatment can be established for you.

Following your own personal Ayurvedic diet is not as difficult as it may seem. Our eating habits are a result of past training by family, friends and association. Remember, you are what you eat as the old proverb goes.

Ayurvedic Cooking is not just Indian cooking, although spices and herbs are used throughout it is the knowledge applied that makes it exceptional and delightful. Ayurveda teaches us how to use spices, herbs and ingredients intelligently. By applying simple lifestyle and food practices to improve your physical and mental wellbeing you will understand the extraordinary benefits of Ayurvedic Cooking including; Digestion aid, Food combining, seasonal eating, and the correct use of spices and herbs (which have a huge medicinal value as culinary).

Our classes are all hands on, a great way to meet new people as you will cook and dine with your class and we will show you a deeper connection with the food you eat, as you learn to cook simple, quick, nutritious and healthy recipes, with seasonal ingredients.

Enjoy !