Keyajee Ayurvedic Pre and Post-natal (post-Partum) Support


The first few weeks of motherhood are a physical and emotional roller-coaster, particularly if this is your first time. At this time it is important to feel understood and supported.

Dr Seema is an experienced and sympathetic person who can listen to your feelings and worries which is an enormous release and   can provide invaluable encouragement and support in helping you to understand the emotional changes involved in becoming a new mother; especially should you feel a little down or depressed.

Baby making and motherhood for some, can be a wonderful time, but often evolving from a couple in to a family, can have its ups and downs which can easily shadow this life changing experience. The postpartum window tends to present a big turning point to a mother’s physical and often mental health because we are extra fragile due to hormones and often birth trauma.

Here at Keyajee we provide a service to help you explore your feelings and emotions around your pregnancy and birth and how you can prevent this having too much impact on you, your body and within your relationships.

We can help you to cope with issues such as anxiety and stress in the early and latter stages of pregnancy, the impact of pregnancy after a previous miscarriage, pregnancy loss or previous traumatic birth experiences, Ante-natal depression, Relationship difficulties, and the inevitable pressures of work, friends or family when you are organising the rest of your family and ‘normal’ day-to-day life routines.

You will receive nothing but compassion and support and our goal is to offer to you comprehensive support and step-by-step, personalised guidance for how to nourish, rejuvenate and spiritually support you and your new-born baby/babies.

We offer deep preventive and rejuvenate wellness care and our clients rarely suffer many of the common complications of the postnatal time (including difficulties with lactation, colic, depression, weight gain, loss of energy, hormones and so on).

We believe that taking proper care of a new mother and/or her baby is essential for everyone, everywhere:   We can provide specialised care ranging from a one-off consultation to a fully comprehensive package. Other therapies, such as massage, can help ease any anxiety or tension you may have, as well as relieve any lingering pain and discomfort from the birth.

The Importance of Nutrition

After delivery a special diet plan is recommended for this period to make good the loss of the reproductive fluids, and blood during the pregnancy and delivery. Proper adherence to this schedule results in faster recuperation and restoration of the health of the mother.

Ayurveda says that after delivery the mothers Agni can be low and it is important to make sure that you maintain a healthy and nutritious diet with the right kinds of foods during the weeks and months following the birth. Some general guidance or a personalised recovery programme is invaluable at this stage, ensuring you set realistic goals, creating a sensible daily routine that includes lots of nutritious and enjoyable foods to keep your energy levels high and milk production stable.

If you are breast-feeding, you’ll need additional calories and a good fluid intake too. Ensuring that your calorific intake is balanced is also important.  This will help ease any anxieties or tensions you may have, as well as relieve any lingering pain and discomfort from the birth.

It is important to make sure that you maintain a healthy and nutritious diet before, during the weeks and months following the birth.

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