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What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the ancient and time-tested Indian art of balancing the physical, mental and emotional elements of life. Literally translated as the Science of Life, it is a comprehensive system of healthcare with origins that go back about 3,500 – 4,000 years. Since then, it has been the most important medical system used in India, with clearly defined methods of effectively treating ailments affecting all organs and systems of the body. It is used for healing the sick, preventing illness occurring in the first place, and to help individuals lead a longer, healthier and more vibrant life.

How long have you been practicing Ayurveda?

I am passionate about my work, and about helping people to lead more balanced, harmonious lives. I graduated in 1995, and since then I have worked in all areas of healthcare, including running  my own  hospital and clinic near the village in India where I was born.

How do I know if Ayurveda is for me?

The question you have to ask yourself is are you looking to solve your symptoms or just have a quick fix?  if it is the latter then I would suggest no it isn’t for you.  Ayurveda is a lifestyle change and if you are looking to get to the bottom of your condition or situation and rejuvenate yourself from the inside as well as the outside then you will amazed at what can happen with your commitment in a  relatively short time.

My doctor recommended an Ayurvedic approach to complement my prescription, do the two practices work well together or should I rather pick one over the other?

Yes, Ayurveda works very well as complementary therapy. When prescribed antibiotics, ones digestive power gets disturbed. When Diet and lifestyle changes along with digestive ‘tune ups’ (a gentle massage to your pancreas, liver and stomach) will help to improve digestion and a better absorption of nutrients to help to improve immunity.

What Ayurvedic fertility treatments do you offer?

You can find a list of my treatments, here on my website.

What can I expect from a typical session with you?

After you have confirmed your appointment you will receive a consultation form, which I would require you to fill in and return to me before your appointment.  (Generally described as a Dosha Form).  This allows me  to understand which area we may need to focus on during our consultation.

  • First session – please allow 90 minutes.
  • 30 min – diet and lifestyle consultation.  This will involve discussing your current diet and lifestyle and see if it is affecting your health at present. We will  amend/alter if needed and I will explain why, then we will plan your diet accordingly with mutual agreement. The plan will be emailed to you within 24 hrs of this consultation.
  • 15-30 min- planning and explaining treatment plan
  • 30 -40 min – hands on treatment

I’m nervous about Ayurvedic fertility treatment.  Is it invasive?

All treatments I perform are non-invasive and non-residential.

What should I wear before my appointment with you?

You can wear clothes you like as I do not use much oil during first treatment. I will let you know if lot of oil is being used.

Do I need to have multiple appointments, or is treatment a one-off?

There is no one-off treatment unless you have one-off problem like the occasional headache. For chronic complaints, or fertility treatments these will be planned and treated  ideally for 3-6 months.

Do you offer fertility treatments or consultations for men as well as women?

I do offer joint consultations and treatments only for fertility related issues (and as a couple). Husbands are most welcome.

I’ve heard that I could learn to cook meals that will support my condition or concern – is this something you could teach me?

Definitely.  When you are thinking of considering changing to the Ayurvedic diet (it is a lifestyle change), I can assist you with discussing what will help you, sending you the best recipes, and teach you how to cook them. I also run regular cookery workshops, which can be personal or in group.

What does the word “Ayurveda” mean?

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word.  The word Ayurveda literally means the science of Life.  Following the basic principles of Ayurveda will bring about a profound understanding of the inner ability to have a sound body, mind and spirit.

Do you offer taster or introductory sessions?

I do not offer taster sessions, but I do offer various special offers and discounts for your first session of our group cookery workshops that are held every month.  (if you are signed up as a client).

Where is your practice based? Do you offer Skype or online consultations?

I am based in Harley Street in London, and at the Keyajee Clinic in Hertfordshire, although I do offer Skype/or online consultations all over the world.

Do you offer birth support or doula services? 

Yes I do.  Please read all about it here.

These are just some of the FAQ I am often asked, for more information then please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.  seema@keyajee.com

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