The Well Woman Package


Good health starts with knowing yourself. Knowing what situations stress you out, what foods will aggravate physical or mental challenges and also knowing what way of life best suits your body and mind type. Knowing yourself is what allows you to move ahead in planning and maintaining a healthy life that gives you the energy and resolve to meet each day and its challenges head-on. Dr. Seema’s Well Woman package is designed to guide you along the process of self-discovery so that you can put in place the lifestyle that will help you attain piece of mind and robust good health.

What is your body type?

As women we come in a great variety of shapes and sizes. Knowing your body type is crucial to forming an Ayurvedic eating plan that will support your health goals. Feeling low on energy? Eating correctly for your body type can help with issues such as this, by bringing your doshas into balance. People in whom the ‘vata’ dosha is strongest tend to have a light build and may be prone to dry skin. Pitta body types are often thicker set and more muscular, and many pitta types have fair skin and/or reddish hair. Kapha types tend to have a heavier build than those whose body types are aligned to vata or pitta.

What is your mind type?

The mind and body are interlinked in complex ways, thus the doshas also affect our thought processes. The well woman package will also help you to find out which of the doshas is most pronounced in your psychological makeup. Pitta mind types tend to be orderly and focused. They have great mental acuity and concentration, typically, and are usually self-confident and assertive, although this can be expressed as aggressive or demanding if this dosha is out of balance.

Kapha mind types tend to be more easygoing and relaxed. Women who have strongly kapha-influenced minds show affection easily and tend to be forgiving and compassionate. They also tend to have especially good long-term memory. A danger of the kapha mind type is depression, so if you are predominantly kapha in type, your Well Woman package will be tailored towards easing this type of difficulty

Vata minds show great creativity and mental alertness, and are both quick to grasp new ideas but also quick to forget. Although vata mind types are often joyful if balanced, an excess of vata can be signalled by unnecessary anxiety and fear. If you are vata type, your Well Woman package will work with these possible tendencies.

Factors affecting your health

There are three major lifestyle factors that affect your health: those of the body, the mind and your environment.

Body health factors include the nourishment you give your body, which in turn also affects your mind through the close interlinking of mind and body via the doshas. Exercise helps to maintain balance, as does good eating. Part of your Well Woman package will entail learning Ayurvedic principles to make the body factor contribute positively to your total wellbeing.

Mind factors, besides being influenced by the state of the body, also depend on other circumstances – family history, genetics, and your relationships with others. Balance can be found through Ayurvedic therapies, a good nutrition plan and other health-bringing changes that your Well Woman package will help you implement.

Environment factors are sometimes the hardest to control, but as you embark on a process of self-discovery through Ayurveda you will empower yourself to recognize changes you can make to your environment that will have a positive impact on your health.

Support your health with the three pillars of life

In order to lead a physically, emotionally and spiritually fulfilling life, it is important that each of the three pillars of life is strong and balance-giving. These three pillars are diet, sleep and sex. Ayurvedic diet can of course help the latter two, but there are many ways to work at strengthening these pillars. A tripod stands with equal weight on all three legs, and so the structure holds. The Well Woman package will help you find a path to a more nutritious diet, better quality of sleep and reinvigorated sex.



An Ayurvedic approach to fertility: a new blog series


Many couples dream about starting a family, but as many parents will tell you, the process to conception and birth are not as straight forward as you might expect. One in five UK women are childless at age 45, according to the Office for National Statistics. Additionally, the number of women receiving IVF treatment and DI treatment continues to grow. For many couples, conception seems to be just out of reach.

Problems with fertility can arise from a number of different causes and Ayurveda may be able to help pinpoint areas of improvement. For example, identifying and understanding your Ayurvedic constitution can help identify the best time for conception, and investing time and energy into balancing your constitution can help create a healthier environment for a new baby.

As Ayurvedic practitioners, we work closely with couples and take a holistic approach to conception which includes increasing fertility through lifestyle choices, diet choices and herbal supplements. Ayurveda is the “science of life” and nothing is more sacred to us than helping you start a family.

Join us on this blog in the coming months as we explore an Ayurvedic approach to fertility through examining the best ways to detox and cleanse your body, and how to prepare your reproductive system for conception with healthy lifestyle changes and recipes. If you’d prefer to talk to me on a one-to-one basis, please do get in touch or book one of our Well Woman Clinics.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you!



Ayurveda and The Seasons – Spring (Kapha) is here

Welcome to Spring! Most definitely the most upligting time of year as the birds, bees, flowers, trees and of course us! are all recovering from a long sluggish winter, and all those coughs and Keyajee  is here to help us balance the change in season and get us envigourated for the year ahead.

With every changing season you will find some of the deliscious Recipes included in our courses ** (please note we only publish receipes after a course has taken place). We are starting with Spring and in order to prepare our bodies for these seasonal changes we need to strengthen our innerslves by choosing the appropriate seasonal foods, spices, herbs, and cooking methods that correlate with each changing season, we are bringing both our physical and emotional bodies into balance and harmony with nature. Click HERE for more info on Ayurveda, and take part in our short questionnaire to find out which season you are.

Early spring is an ideal season for begining a new diet and losing weight . Spring fasting (the Christian tradition of Lent is the period of forty days which comes before Easter in the Christian calendar, traditionally a time of fasting and reflection. It is preceded by Shrove Tuesday and begins with Ash Wednesday, the traditional time of year for many cultures to help cleanse the blood after a long winter of fatty, heavy foods.

Early spring (Kapha) typically a season of warming temperatures lasting from February to mid-May.. Spring is a time of cleansing and renewal.

An Ideal Season for Weight Loss, attend one of our cookery courses or book a consultation to find ot how we can help you lose weight and curb any cravings