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Dr Seema Datta is an Ayurvedic consultant and uses her wide knowledge of Holistic Healthcare, Nutrition, Herbal and Ayurvedic Medicine and Metabolic Detox to treat most of todays medical conditions without the side-effects of modern medicine.

The skills of the Ayurvedic doctor lie in the assessment of the constitution of each individual, the identification of imbalances, the diagnosis of the causes of any imbalances in this constitution and the choice of treatment most appropriate for the individual. It is in this area that Dr Seema excels.

Dr Seema is passionate about her work, and about helping people to lead more balanced, harmonious lives. She graduated in 1995, and since then has worked in all areas of healthcare, including running her own little hospital and clinic near the village in India where she was born. She gained a wealth of experience during her time in India, and then in 2000, after meeting her Prince Charming, she settled in the UK to start her married life. After having two beautiful children, she set up her highly successful clinic called Keyajee in Cheshunt, where she treats people from all walks of life, with equally diverse symptoms.


Thamb Design
Dr. Seema also provides pre and post natal support to women and families. During this delicate period of transformation, healing Ayurvedic massages are extremely beneficial. Dr Seema helps to ensure not only the health and wellbeing of the mother-to-be, but also the health of the baby and a gentle delivery.

An integral part of Dr Seemas work involves dietary advice including diet consultations and vegetarian cookery demonstrations throughout the local area.

She has listened to her clients and cleverly adapted some of the ancient Ayurvedic teaching to suit our western way. So much so, she has developed her own range of products to assist in the balancing, detoxification and ongoing health preservation of her clients.

Dr Seema Datta is registered on The NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners.